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Donate cash by walking!
But not your cash!

Walk, Convert and Donate.

Full Mangement

The steps taken in a day are counted automatically in Help Steps.

Live Chat

Convert your steps into HS steps 12 midnight.

Secure Data

Donate your saved steps to Non-governmental Organizations, charities and sport clubs.

Steps for Support

  • NGOs

    The Help Steps Sense Campaigns page includes NGOs which has potential to complete the target step and an individual beneEciary. Each NGO and individual beneficiary become a step goal, and when this goal is achieved with the donation of the users, the amount of money corresponding to the total number of steps is transferred to the NGOs.

  • Sport Clubs

    There are sport clubs in Help Steps. On Sport Clubs page, fans can donate their steps they take during the day to the club and support their teams by buying HS as much as they want.

Every step is important

With Help Steps, every step you take during the day has value. Steps have financial value by means of advertising revenue. This value changes actively according to the income of Help Steps.

HS Store

Users can buy the products in the HS Market with the HS they have.

Also, users can purchase products in HS Market with their credit cards.

We are working to have more products in HS Market.

Easy to use.

The best end-user experience. No cash needed donation with 1 click “conversion” of steps.

User comments

Nice comments are our biggest source of motivation.


Yes, you can download Help Steps for free from Google Play and App Store. Help Steps is also completely free to use.
1 HS has no fixed value, the value of 1 HS is increasing steadily.
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