Information Announcement about the Help Steps x Fonangels Crowdfunding Process

Dear Investors,


Since the beginning, Help Steps has been taking steps to open up to the world and continues to sign important projects to take steps globally. In this process, we are supported by your steps and we continue to grow thanks to you.


In the beginning of 2023, we launched a crowdfunding campaign on the Fonangels platform to accelerate these steps and achieve our goals. As well as growing with your steps, Help Steps is now also growing with the investments you make.


On 30th January we were delighted to announce that we had reached our funding target. On 28th April we completed all the processes associated with the investment. Now it is time to achieve our goals!


Following the completion of the fundraising process, we have begun to take steps towards achieving our goals. We are pleased to announce to our investors that we have reached agreements with several well-known brands in this process.


In the investment tour, we had some gifts such as Help Steps Premium Membership, Help Steps Pack, T-shirt and shoes that we had promised to our investors. The Premium Code submissions have been completed and we are continuing our work for others. The HS packs will be on their way within the month. The production of our new season T-shirts and Shoes are also continuing. The first products will be delivered to their owners as soon as they are ready for sale.


On our website and social media channels you can follow all developments regarding the post-funding process and Help Steps.


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