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Buldan Eğitim ve Dayanışma Vakfı

Buldan Foundation was established in Buldan, a charming town in the Aegean Region, in September 2015. It
started its activities in September 2016 due to the restoration of its 172-year-old historic building. The
founders, who lived in this district during their youth but changed their lives with education, aimed to
achieve gender equality through education and mentoring.

Since its establishment, Buldan Foundation has believed that women's education is a key factor for Turkey so
that women have the role and status they deserve in society and participate equally in decision-making
mechanisms. For this reason, the Foundation provides scholarships to young girls and contributes to their
personal development.

The Foundation raises funds to support ambitious and successful young girls, especially those living in rural
areas who want to break the cycle of poverty by getting a university education. That why the Foundation is
“Running for the Goodness” in order to finance the “Our Girls Will Go To School” Project.