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Gıda Kurtarma Derneği

In 2020, the number of people living in hunger worldwide is 768 million. 1.3 billion tons of food is
wasted in the world. This wasted amount can feed 821 million people who are struggling with hunger in
the world 4 times.

Food Rescue Association(FRA) was established in 2017 to prevent food loss and waste with the vision of
a more sustainable world and food system. FRA has 3 main activities for the prevention of food waste;
raising awareness of the problem of food waste in Turkey, carrying out advocacy activities for the
development of policies for the prevention of food loss and waste, and building and improving the food
banking capacity of Turkey. In that regard, saved surplus food is distributed to needy people by food

Within the scope of raising awareness, the actors and stakeholders in the food system in our country;
that is, we carry out various communication and awareness activities to increase the awareness of the
private sector, public institutions, non-governmental organizations and the public on food waste. Within
the scope of advocacy, we prepare policy documents and work on legislation improvement and legal
regulation with public institutions. Within the scope of capacity building, we are working on the
development of Turkey's food banking capacity. Thanks to our food banking network; We regularly
provide staple food aid to 1.1 million people in need across Turkey, by rescuing food from retailers,
distributors and manufacturers that would be wasted even though it is suitable for human consumption
and delivering these foods to over 100 food banks in 45 different provinces of Turkey, which are
included in our network. Since 2017, thanks to the food banking system, we have saved 35,000 tons of
food and delivered these foods to those in need. In addition to the capacity building support we provide
to non-governmental organizations engaged in food banking throughout Turkey, we also carry out these
capacity-building activities through our own food bank, the Social Impact Center, which we established
in Dilovası as an example of a concept food bank model to reach those in need in the region.