Tüm STK'ları İncele


We are trying to support our children in many perspectives including:


We have given lectures to more than 10.000 children prevention education. In Turkey, more than 50.000
parents, teachers and people from variety of professions have taken Awareness Education nationwide.
We have organized awareness seminars for more than 100.000 university and college students. We
started a multi-disciplinary education movement for children more disadvantaged areas. We have
dedicated ourselves to make our society more sensitive to child abuse and child neglect and have
achieved a lot.

In 2019, we held more than 200 training programs, conferences and workshops in schools countrywide,
given seminar to parents about children rights, children privacy, raising a child in the digital age, peer
bullying. We also have interacted university student clubs and communities to raise awareness among

Thanks to our volunteer advocate web, we reacted every call that have reached us. Until this day, we
helped more than 500 child abuse victims and their families and provide lawyer support.
By 2020, currently we are following more than 200 cases and actively involving in almost 100 cases as
observer thanks to our more than 45.000 volunteers and members from 52 different cities nationwide.
Soon we will found a Child Abuse and Neglect Prevention Center in İzmir, Turkey in order to reach much
more people in need.