Tüm STK'ları İncele


The 1994 rescue operation of two mountaineers in the Bolkar Mountains in southern Turkey is forever
etched in the memory of a number of the founding members of AKUT. Despite the good-will efforts of
the locals, the Gendarmerie, the Mountain Climbers Federation and several other mountaineers, the
rescue operation ended in disappointment. This failure led a group of pioneering mountaineers to think
about how search and rescue activities could be conducted in an effective and efficient manner.
AKUT is entirely a voluntary, non-governmental organization involved in searching, assisting and
rescuing all who require aid within its authority and means, in mountain or other nature-related
accidents, natural disasters and all other emergency conditions by means of trained, disciplined, high
standard personnel and equipment, passing on knowledge to society with no political affiliation.