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Atılım MED

Atılım University Alumni Association started its activities on November 28, 2014 with the registration
number 06-117-020.

Lets not forget that the name of Atılım University is a brand that we will carry throughout our lives. We
will become stronger with the solidarity, collaborations and shares we will create under the roof of the
Alumni Association, which brings us all together in a common denominator.

For this purpose, our belief is that you, our graduates, will protect our friendship and most importantly,
our values. Therefore, we have created a scholarship fund on behalf of Atılım members of the future
and every step you take in HELPSTEPS will be a support.

With the donations you will make, you can support the scholarship that we give to our successful
students who are studying at our university during 1 academic year (8 months). In the last 4 years, with
the support of our graduates, we have supported nearly 50 students in the form of pocket money. With
your donations, this number can be much higher.