Tüm STK'ları İncele


The Ministry of Foreign Affairs Spouses’ Solidarity Association (DMEDD) was established on September 24, 1981, with the purpose of assisting and supporting the families of Turkish diplomats and officials who have been assassinated on active duty abroad. DMEDD achieved the status of the “Public Benefit Association” in 1984. In the following years, DMEDD has expanded the scope of its activities and become a prominent association that contributes to efforts and activities nationwide in the fields of education, culture, health, as well as promotion of Turkey. In addition to the more than 2800 scholarships it has granted, DMEDD has built, renovated, and refurbished many schools, dormitories, nurseries, hospitals, and clinics, and also supplied educational materials and books to disadvantaged students and schools across Turkey.   With this campaign, you can also contribute to the educational expenses of the students we support with scholarships as DMEDD.