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Elele Sağlık Eğitim ve Yardımlaşma Vakfı

ESEV aims to support society and individuals who lie at the heart of its goals and priorities, through
various projects, programs, and activities in line with their needs in the fields of education and health.
One of the other founding objectives of ESEV is to raise individual and social awareness of the Celiac
disease in Turkey, where one out of every 100 people struggle with Celiac, to take initiatives in order to
facilitate access to basic needs, and to develop the production and nutrition disciplines of gluten-free
food by conducting projects and programs on these issues in cooperation with the country’s leading
food sector representatives.

Educating and supporting both individuals with Celiac disease and their families and reducing the lack of
organization in this field in our country by conducting projects that will increase the sensitivity of
institutions and organizations to this reality are among the primary objectives.

You can also support all individuals with Celiac disease, especially our children, to access gluten-free
food by donating your steps for “children with unlimited dreams but limited opportunities.”