Tüm STK'ları İncele


Who We Are?
Animal Neglect and Despair Prevention Foundation is founded by Ömür Gedik in 2010, dedicated to be
most reliable association of inspiring and educating public in protecting animals and animal rights and

works in every aspect of it. Since the beginning, we are aiming to protect animals that have been
isolated from their natural habitat, bring them back to there, ensure their welfare.

What We Do?

We have supported and taken care of our friend in every corner of Turkey and Northern Cyprus. We
take care predominantly but not limited to our little friends live on streets, fulfill every animals’ priori
and permanent needs. Through legal actions we protect animals, we endeavor to mobilize authorities to
make necessary arrangements for their welfare. We raise awareness and consciousness by holding
conferences and events in every level of schools ranging from preschool to universities in order to
spread animal love out since younger ages. Our city representatives and university communities of our
foundation “Genç Haçiko” fulfill fundamental needs of animals live around, coordinate aids and
implement awareness activities.

As Genç Haçiko we are being represented in 70 universities and active in 5 university clubs.