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Kansersiz Yaşam Derneği

Our mission is to explain everyone who is healthy or have cancer, that health is a standard of living that
can be chosen, and to raise awareness from 7 to 70 people all over Turkey so that they do not meet this
disease. OUR VISION, as a leading and exemplary non-governmental organization that focuses on

transparency and reliability, amateur spirit and service orientation, sustainability and projects that
increase social awareness and quality of life, research and change, and communication with respect to
donor rights, in our journey for health. is to achieve recovery.

Life without Cancer Society is launching a very meaningful campaign for cancer patients and their
families, where unemployment and economic difficulties have started to pose vital risk to their living
standards, as well as the difficult health conditions brought by treatment during the pandemic. It
provides in-kind and cash donations with the “Life Support – Family Scholarship” donation campaign
realized within the Istanbul Governorship Provincial Directorate of Civil Society Relations.

The steps you take with Help Steps are transferred to this project.