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Girls Education Association (KIZÇEV), founded in 2018, is motivated by saying that the power of women is the power of society. With this, giving scholarships for educational purposes to young women who are ready to become university students and who do not have equally distributed opportunities is aimed. KIZÇEV is a non-governmental association that enables organizations of personal growth and development training, interviews, art workshops, movie and book reviews, and analysis. Beyond these fields of interest, the non-profit association tries to contribute to the improvement of university students both professionally for career options and culturally to recognize the benefits of diversity. While moral contributions to students with different social responsibility and commitment activities have been carried out throughout many years, KIZÇEV also proposes many opportunities for psychological support for their students. You can also contribute to the university education of young women by sending your number of steps as funds to the “Supporting Women in Education” campaign held by KIZÇEV.