Tüm STK'ları İncele


A good education is the only way for all children to be prepared for the future.


As the Rural Schools Transformation Network – KODA, we have been working since 2016 to improve education for children in rural areas. 


We provide training for teachers, teacher candidates and parents, conduct research and advocacy on rural education issues, and develop educational content appropriate to local conditions.


In partnership with universities, we prepare teacher candidates to teach in rural areas through our First Step Towards Village Schools programme.


We provide mentorship from experienced teachers in village schools to teachers in their first three years of teaching in the disaster area, and we enhance the professional skills of our teachers through the training camps we organize for both mentor teachers and teachers at the beginning of their careers.With teacher communities in 18 different regions of Turkey, we support rural teachers by providing training in the areas they need for their professional, personal and social development. Our training for rural parents enables them to support their children and strengthen the relationship between school and family.


In accordance with Article 7 of the Law No. 2860 on Aid Collection, our campaign was authorised with the approval of the Governor’s Office No. 618581.