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Nuh’un Gemisi Derneği

As Nuhgemder, our aim is to catch up with as many animals as possible, to defend their right to life, to
meet their treatment, food and nesting needs.
Nuhgemder (Noah’s Ark life rights and solidarity association), working in all dimensions related to
animal rights and their protection, aiming to be the most reliable association that can influence the

public and inspire the society on animal rights, was founded as Nicole’s Paws in 2010 by Nisan Nicole
Later, in order to spread to wider masses, it changed its name as Noah’s Ark. All of Nuhgemder’s efforts
and activities are geared towards meta-purpose of bringing to our society the understanding of unity
formed by all living things sharing the same world. The activities of the association in line with its
growing power aim to protect all species-independent animals that have been removed from their
natural life, to return them to their natural habitats by increasing their welfare.
It strives to lead the feeding, care and treatment of animals in need, so set an example and to attract the
attention of the public to these animals.
Taking its power from individuals, organizations and public authorities that love all living things in the
same geography we share, Nuhgemder works to ensure that animal rights are included in the relevant
laws and regulations, and is determined to be the voice of our world partners who cannot speak.