Tüm STK'ları İncele

Otizm Vakfı

The Autism Foundation was established in 2010 in Ankara. All of the founders are parents of children with autism. However, our foundation serves every child equally, whether their parents are founders or not.


The Foundation’s administrative center and training facilities in the İncek district of Ankara are dedicated to three main areas: special education and rehabilitation, sports-movement training, work and vocational training. In our daily life center, we support individuals with autism of all age groups and degrees, and our primary goals in education are to develop self-care and life skills, increase vocational skills, perform artistic works, develop their personalities and prepare them for independent life together with academic programs.


Our ultimate goal is to create safe, supervised care-living centers where parents can live in old age and after their death, where all their needs will be met and where they can live.