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TEMA Vakfı

Since 1992, the TEMA Foundation, which has been the reason for its existence to have the soil and
preserve it, has been a voluntary organisation that works to raise social consciousness and awareness of
the danger of erosion and desertification, protect natural assets and contribute to make this struggle a
state policy. TEMA Foundation has so far worked with more than 900.000 volunteers in 81 Turkish

● Brought 18.6 million saplings to the soil in an area the size of 22 thousand football fields.
● Blanted 700 million acorns in an area the size of 22,000 football fields.
● Nature Education Programs for all levels of education and awareness raising activities reached
more than 4 million children.
● Realized 284 rural development, conservation and afforestation projects.

Anyone who wants to turn their steps into goodness can contribute to the nature conservation and
forestation works of the TEMA Foundation.