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Ülkem Okuyor Derneği

We are an association that aims to increase the reading and comprehension rate in our country. Among the main activities of our association are making reading in a daily routine for all ages, providing book support to people who couldn’t access books and establishing libraries as areas for study and socialization. We support the education and training of opportunity-limited and successful students by giving them need or merit scholarships. We provide scholarships to 154 students and contribute to their education lives by sending books to 8300 students. After the February 6 earthquakes, at the earthquake zone, education couldn’t start at the same time as other regions. As a solution, we became the community that established tent schools in the region and initiated the education. During the process of becoming volunteer and an association, we managed to remedy the inequality of opportunity in education in the region with 21 tent schools and 21 libraries in 16 months. If the students we support with scholarships in the earthquake zone have housing problems, we build and hand in houses for them. We are the first and only NGO to hand in houses in Hatay.