Transfer your steps to TOSLA and earn 50 TL!

Now the steps you take with Help Steps have a financial value. With the cooperation of Help Steps and Tosla, you can transfer the steps you take during the day to your Tosla account from the “Transfer to Tosla” button in the “Transfer Your Steps to Tosla” field and spend them  in all your shopping and payments 💳


As the world turns with your steps for good, don’t forget to pay attention to the following items to turn your steps into Tosback!


👟 Make sure to match your Tosla account, convert 5,000 or more steps at least 5 times a month, and get the chance to be one of the 5,000 people who will win a prize of up to 50 TL from Tosla!


👟 The first 5,000 people to sign up for Tosla will earn 50 TL for the month they become a new Tosla member.


👟 The first 5,000 people among Tosla members earn 30 TL. At the beginning of the month, the ranking is determined as the first 10,000 people who convert the most steps.


👟 In case of a tie, users who invite the most friends to Help Steps with the invitation code are ranked higher.


👟 The earnings of the first 10,000 people are transferred to the user’s Tosla account until the 5th of the month.


👟 The ranking can be followed up to date on the Tosla page in Help Steps.


👟 New rankings are determined every month.


👟 The status of the goal of converting 5 times 5,000 steps or more can be tracked on the conversion screen on the Tosla page in the Help Steps app.


👟 You can track the amount you transfer through the Tosla app. You can make all your online and store purchases with Tosla and benefit from Tosback advantages. Your Tosla card