Help Steps Represents Turkey in 3 Categories at the Global Startup Awards

Help Steps has made it to the finals in three categories at the Global Startup Awards. Representing Turkey, Help Steps is competing in the “Founder of the Year 2023” category with Gözde Venedik, as well as in the “Best HealthTech 2023” and “Startup of the Year 2023” categories.

Public support is crucial for success in this prestigious competition. Every vote will contribute to the global recognition of Help Steps and help spread the goodness to wider audiences.

What is the Global Startup Awards?

The Global Startup Awards is the world’s largest independent startup ecosystem competition. GSA uses its competitive framework and events to run programs worldwide. The organization is headquartered in Copenhagen and currently operates in over 120 countries across 12 regions on three continents, with rapid growth.

Why Should You Vote?

Every vote helps Help Steps reach more people worldwide and rewards our goodness movement globally. You can contribute to Turkey achieving great success in this prestigious competition by participating in the public vote. Click on the links below to cast your vote.

Categories We Are Finalists In:

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